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  ENVIRON™ is the plant-extracted biochemical that researched and developed by Thai.  This product had been tested by SGS; MTEC and Ministry of Science and Technology in many disciplines.  ENVIRON™ (EI-03/EI-05) can apply to clean the scale out of metal or non-metal surface in order to generate good heat/cooling transfer rate in boilers; chillers and heat exchangers and etc both metal material (steel; copper; brass; iron; aluminum and etc.) and non-metal material (Plastics; Rubber; Synthetic material like PVC; PE; PP; ABS and etc.).  In addition, ENVIRON™  is also an excellent replacement to solvent like            kerosene; thinner and etc.  Because its’ property such as nontoxic;
non-volatile; nonionic; nonflammable; more than 80% biodegradable index. 

  ENVIRON™ has the property of environmental-friendly and not harmful to operators with the major property as the scale cleaning agents; reduction of surface tension for oil & grease; deodorant etc.  It generates many products that can remove scale out of heat exchangers; boilers; chillers and etc.  It generates many products that can clean glass and paint without any detrimental to color of paint. 

  ENVIRON™ was granted as green products.  It can apply to many applications in industrial and commercial building sector.  Please contact our technical staffs for more detail. 

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